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The Bob The Fish cartoon character was created in 1984 while I attended SMU - Southeastern Massachusetts University.

The cartoons dealt with college life. The ups and downs, being totally broke, eating pizza every night, going out to parties and trying to figure out how to pass courses without studying.

Later and currently, the cartoon began dealing with every day life's up and downs...

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1984 fred and Bob The Fish cartoon
In 1984, this was the first cartoon where Bob The Fish was introduced to Fred.
Prior to this Fred was by himself interacting with other characters.
First Bob The Fish Cartoon
bob the fish classic cartoons
Fred and the cartoon itself was created to express my experience while I was in college. Seeing how I am a very open-minded positive person, I superimposed that into Fred. So if I had trouble getting a student loan, then so did Fred. If I never had a money and was always broke in college, so was Fred. When I introduced Bob The Fish it was my way of introducing my sarcastic side. The side where I view the world around me with question, wondering why things are stupid. This constant conflict in my real life was now brought to life in the Fred and Bob The Fish cartoon.Chet Pelletier copyright 2008
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