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When Fred and Bob The Fish were first created, who knew that the character Bob The Fish would take off on its own to become a clothing line.

Thousands of Bob The Fish T-Shirts have been produced and sold since 1988 when the first shirt was sold in Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Today Bob The Fish is also the branding for Coolfish Design Marketing and Web Development. A creative web design firm.

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Chet Peletier
Chet Pelletier created Bob The Fish and Fred while attending University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. See the Bob The Fish sportswear line.
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I created Fred and Bob The Fish to express my own opinions on what I go through every day. Originally while attending college to the day to day experiences afterwards. It is my constant struggle between my optimism and sarcasm, both of which are constantly fighting with each other, that drives me. What better way to express the way I view the world but to do it through cartoons. It is interesting to follow the cartoons through the years and it truly is a journey through my own life. - Enjoy.Chet Pelletier copyright 2008
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