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By 2001 or so the single framed cartoons were transformed into Flash Animations and you could hear Fred and Bob The Fish move and speak.

The evolution was complete. A college cartoon that started out as a weekly satire about a mild mannered college guy and his pet fish turned into t-shirt line as well as an animated cartoons.

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These Flash Animated Cartoons include sound. Finally Fred and Bob The Fish speak. See the Bob The Fish sportswear line.
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As always the cartoons dealt with Fred confusing the fact that Bob The Fish was not a normal pet. He was not like a dog or cat, yet Fred treated him that way. When Bob The Fish was bad, he would be sent to his "bowl". Fred still took Bob The Fish for walks. He still included him on all his adventures. And looked for advise along the way. Chet Pelletier copyright 2008
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