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The Bob The Fish cartoon character was created in 1984 while I attended SMU - Southeastern Massachusetts University.

The cartoon "Fred and Bob The Fish" ran in the college newspaper for a number of years.

This website introduces the world to how it all began, who Bob The Fish is, and how he got his start. From a cartoon strip in college to a full blown sportswear line.

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Fred and Bob The Fish Cartoons
The cartoon grew into a clothing line during the early 90's and began retailing in stores throughout the United States. See the Bob The Fish sportswear line.
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Bob The Fish is the original one and only fish with attitude. Created back in 1984, Bob The Fish is the pet fish of a guy named Fred. This Bob The Fish Cartoon Website tells the story of how Bob The Fish came about, his humble beginnings, the original college cartoon strip, other published cartoons, animations and even the evolution of the clothing line. Bob The Fish Sportswear currently retails throughout the United States as well as International Stores. Welcome and enjoy Bob The Fish - ChetChet Pelletier copyright 2008
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